Kolibri Systems

Kolibri Systems is a software developer devoted to control room applications such as dispatch and tracking. A small, responsive company, we excel at working with our customers to build a customized control environment that meets their specific needs.

Kolibri Systems develops software that unifies divergent dispatch and control room systems and technologies into one unified central interface. Our control room interface platform heightens communication and coordination among emergency response and security organizations and improves operational efficiency. Organizations benefiting from Kolibri’s solutions include security companies responsible for protecting the public at events; staff and infrastructure at key institutions (e.g., museums, sports and cultural events); industrial plants (e.g., oil and gas refineries, power plants, offshore platforms); public transportation (e.g., railway companies, etc.); small airports; and municipal emergency and safety entities (e.g., fire brigades, police).

Kolibri is an initiative of Cuperus Consultants, which has been developing software applications and interfaces for mission–critical communications systems for over 20 years. Most recently, Cuperus Consultants developed the control room interfaces for the Public Safety sector in the Netherlands, connecting over 20 control rooms with Motorola TETRA switches for the Public Safety network for Police and emergency services (C2000). Cuperus (www.cuperus.nl) and Kolibri Systems work closely together every day on innovative products and to support systems integrators and our customers.

Our small but experienced team offers customers flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to any request. Our approach to software development, release management and testing, results in an easily managed and customer–driven product.

Kolibri Systems delivers its software and hardware solutions through experienced and respected systems integrators.

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