NICE unveils updated NICE investigate digital evidence management solution at IACP 2019,


NICE announced today that it has enhanced its NICE Investigate Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) with a new mobile app to help police officers and detectives streamline investigative work and save time while improving community engagement and incident response. Running on the secure Microsoft Azure Government cloud, NICE Investigate is a one-stop solution for automating manual processes around digital evidence collection, management, analysis and sharing. With the release of NICE Investigate Mobile, NICE is extending these essential capabilities from the desktop to the smartphone, empowering police officers and investigators to work smarter and more efficiently from virtually any location. The ultra-secure mobile app supports two-factor authentication, permitting access by only authorized users and devices.

With NICE Investigate Mobile, officers and investigators can utilize their secure, department-issued smartphones to access and listen to emergency calls to more effectively respond to incidents, capture and securely upload digital evidence from the scene and improve citizen and community engagement in crime-fighting.

Bron: Businesswire

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