Independent customs clearance company chooses Icom LTE radio for vehicle management


ChannelPorts, the only private customs clearance agent in the UK is one of the latest companies to adopt the Icom LTE radio system. The company boasts a track record of processing over 3,000 vehicles and consignments a month through the customs clearance in Kent and uses the LTE radio system to coordinate parking and customs clearance. The LTE radio system was supplied by Chatterbox Ltd. ChannelPorts based in Folkestone Services, Hythe on Junction 11 of the M20 motorway provide a complete customs clearance service for trucks through the Port of Dover and via the Channel Tunnel.

Chris Childs of ChannelPorts said, ’We need radio comms here as our business/parking is spread over a one square mile area. We have limited space for parking so we need good communication as we have to turn many drivers away, maybe 150-200 vehicles a night because we are always full. We must have staff positioned at various points around the site to tell drivers that we either have spaces or not.’


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