German Public Safety Critical Communications Network Connects 1 Million Subscribers


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In September, the number of participants registered in the German BOS digital radio network exceeded the one million mark. Now, more than half a million participants per month actively use the BOS digital radio network every day for mission-critical communications. Both are important developments for cross-organizational communication between emergency and rescue forces in Germany.

Trial operation for BOS digital radio began in 2007, and the first network section went into extended trial operation in 2011. In the following year the state police in Hamburg was able to communicate throughout the entire state. With the integration of the last network section in 2016, the BOS digital radio was finally in operation on a nationwide level. A long but successful road.

The BOS digital radio network has been growing continuously since the first network section was set up. Over a million participants have been registered since September 2021. They are now supplied by more than 4,800 base stations; the network covers 99.2 percent of the area of ​​Germany.

To ensure that the network is fit for the future, the federal government, the federal states and the BDBOS are working together to constantly adapt the BOS digital radio network to technological developments. With the network modernization, the BOS digital radio will be migrated to the IP standard and will therefore be future-proof.

With the digital radio BOS, the emergency services of the police, fire brigades, rescue services as well as disaster and civil protection authorities in the federal and state levels as well as parts of the Bundeswehr have a common, powerful and highly secure means of communication. The radio network enables nationwide and cross-organizational communication and thus simplifies the implementation of operations.


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