Brazil two way radio market to expect double digit growth in 2019


The president of the Association of Radiocommunication Companies of Brazil (AERBRAS), Marcio Philomeno, said recently that in 2018 more than 130,000 PMR terminals were sold with a total revenue of US$520 MIO. These numbers exclude peripherals such as; towers, cables, shelters, instruments & software. Philomeno also stated that he believes that these numbers will increase in 2019 with some 15%. “We have identified increments of investments in several important areas, such as public safety, energy, transportation and others that must benefit radio communications because there are no quality services without a good communication network.” he said.

The Minister of Mining and Energy Bento Albuquerque said that that part of the US$375 billion investments in the oil and gas industry will be used to improve and renew telecommunications systems and infrastructure. According to the Minister, the market has good projections for the oil and gas sector and there is an intense movement of investors, eager for new opportunities in a new business segment. Other markets, like the market for smart cities, serving the municipal guards, traffic agents, ambulance service (SAMU) have also attracted attention. Currently, there are some 83 major networks in the area of government, utilities, municipal, energy, airports, oil and gas, and transportation. In Brazil, the Federal Highway Police uses TETRA technology, the Federal Police, are using Tetrapol technology (120 base stations installed in the major cities) and the Military Police of São Paulo State uses Project 25 (P25) technology.. You can read the full article on the website of Radioresourcemag by clicking the 'Read' More link below.

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