BelFone Launches Multi-mode Convergent Radio - BF-TP800


BelFone, a leading technology and solution provider of mission and business critical communications, has recently unveiled its multi-mode convergent radio BF-TP800 to empower the users with the ability of push-to-talk over private and public networks.

The new radio is designed to bring advantages of both Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) technologies together, enabling push-to-talk in private DMR network, or public carrier network, or DMR & PoC hybrid network.

The BelFone BF-TP800multi-mode radio supports DMR mode, PoC mode, DMR & PoC hybrid mode, and gateway mode, providing first responders with rich voice and data communication services. It offers uninterrupted communications by tapping into carriers’ LTE cellular network, private DMR and analog networks. When the emergency takes place, it is difficult for mission critical workers from different departments using different communications networks to quickly and effectively communicate and collaborate.

In hybrid mode, the BF-TP800 is on standby for signals from both private and carrier networks, while in gateway mode it can instantly relay whatever voice signals from one network to another, making it an ideal solution to bring different teams together. In the hybrid and gateway mode, this smart and intuitive radio automatically activates the split display feature, showing key information of both private and public networks simultaneously on the upper and lower part of the same display. Therefore, the users can keep track of the essential information on both networks. 

A cross-system dispatch platform is available to further facilitate teamwork in sectors such as public safety, manufacturing, railways, ports, logistics, etc.


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