ADRF expands FirstNet compliant product line with launch of new 5W channelized digital repeaters


Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), today debuted PSR-78-9537, a new FirstNet compliant repeater that improves connectivity for first responders. The new repeater offers connections for the 700 and 800 MHz bands, portions of which are designated for use by firefighters and police. The PSR-78-9537 provides 5W or 37dBm of output power per band and is designed to protect the lives of first responders and building occupants by ensuring blanket connectivity, regardless of the building layout and type of emergency. The new product and ADRF's 2W channelized public safety repeater, PSR-78-9533, will allow building owners and systems integrators to choose either 2W or 5W options that most accurately meets their individual needs and offer enough flexibility to equip small buildings and skyscrapers alike.

The PSR-78-9537 is compliant with IFC and NFPA Codes. The product features software defined filtering of up to 32 non-contiguous narrowband channels that can be controlled through ADRF's web or mobile GUI, as well as alarming outputs to supervised circuits for antenna, amplifier, power supply, battery, and charger failures.

Bron: ADRF

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